"I write-down to speak-up" -Michael Asante jr.


Lill Tsehai Salole is an author, currently based in Oslo, Norway.


She holds an MA in Developmental and Cross-Cultural Psychology, is an IB Alumna, and has studied Theatre, Literature and Dance Movement Therapy. Born in London, into a family with a long migrant history, and raised and educated in 6 countries, she identifies as a "global nomad".

Lill writes academic texts and nonfiction, as well as poetry, plays, and feature stories. She often builds on biographical material. Her publications have been predominantly in Norwegian. On this site you will find some pieces which have been translated into, or published in, English. 

Salole explores themes of belonging, identity, childhood and parenthood within a minority and migrant context. Her field of interest is life experiences of present and former Cross-Cultural Kids (CCKs), Third Culture Kids (TCKs), Parachute Kids, and Distant Families. "Cross Cultural Kids" are children and youth who move internationally, who grow up in families with a history of migration, who are national minorities, who are internationally adopted, or whose parents have different nationalities. "Thirds Culture Kids" are children who periodically live outside of their passport countries due to parents work and occupation. "Parachute Kids" are children and youth sent to live on other countries on their own for  the purpose of education. "Distant families" are families in which members live in different countries.

Salole has a passion for language, structural diversity and an intercontinental approach. She has been heavily involved in efforts and projects to protect human rights and prevent forced marriage, domestic violence, exclusion and discrimination. She has worked for several organisations within both the governmental and non-governmental sector, as well as with social entrepreneurs. In recent years she has developed resource material, online and printed, including lexicon content, and she continues to contribute in the production of anthologies, films, plays, podcasts and book manuscripts in her field. She offers writing workshops, and has also taken on the role of Sensitivity Reader (Literary cultural consultant) for publishers and other writers.


Lill Tsehai has broad experience in public speaking , and regularly teaches different groups of professionals and student groups. She also workshops with groups of children and young adults. Central themes are identity and belonging, the liminal and marginal space, migration stress and transnational lives, the psychology of discrimination, racism and exclusion, and the power of visibility and voice. Lill does poetry readings, and she often uses poetry and performance as elements in her lectures.

Lill serves on the boards of The Scheibler Foundation and The Norwegian Institute for Children's Books. She is an advisory board member for The Flexid Foundation.

Illustration: Marie Laland Ekeli