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Have you moved between countries? Did you, your parents or your grandparents migrate from another place? Perhaps you have roots within a national minority group, or were adopted from a different country. Maybe your parents have different nationalites or religions. 


This book is for you. 

A childhood across cultures  and societies can create confusion about identity. It can drive insecurity, rootlessness, and accumulate many questions. Who are you? Where do you belong? Where are others like you? Why are people so invested in finding out where you are really from? 

A cross-cultural childhood also provides many important skills and strengths. The wisdom that you carry and the knowledge that you have are assets which are sought and needed. Your perspectives and experiences are valuable both locally and globally. 

A stage production exploring the book's central themes, titled "The Chameleons", has been development at the Viken Youth Theatre.  It is currently on the road, touring a series of middle schools. 

You can catch a performance at the Showbox festival in Oslo on December 1st, 2023.

This book is only available in Norwegian. More information on an English translation to come!

They say back and forth is just as far. Sometimes going back feels further.

Cross Cultural Kids

It doesn´t help to know the National Anthem of Zimbabwe when your task is to remember the lyrics to "Over the hills and far away". It won´t be of much use to have cricket skills when your mission is to ski. Just remember that the same things that give you "cultural holes" are the same things that give you "cultural capital". 

Cross Cultural Kids

How will you preserve, develop

and use your superpowers?

Cross Cultural Kids

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Lill Tsehai Salole is an author based in Norway.


She holds an MA in Psychology. Her field of expertise is the lived experience of people who inhabit a liminal "third space", such as "Cross Cultural Kids" and "Global Nomads". Through writing, teaching and storytelling, she explores themes of belonging, identity, childhood and parenting within a minority and migrant context.


Her publications have been predominantly in Norwegian. On this site you will find some pieces which have been translated into or published in English. 

Photo: Marie Laland Ekeli

I want to tell some different stories, to come in from another angle, to challenge the narrative, to expand our understanding of normality. Everyone should be able to recognise themselves and their lives in the tales, images and perspectives that surround them. Everyone should be able to shape the story. 

Lill Salole


Are you interested in an author reading or a piece of writing? Do you want to book a talk or performance lecture? Do you wish to collaborate, or need feedback, on your manuscript? Please get in touch! Use the contact form to the right, or drop me an e-mail at

@salole 2023

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